Thursday, June 07, 2007

It probably doesn't happen often but the UN made my day today..

I just read this post about the cleanliness drive in Chattisgarh a tribal distric of India where everyone, traditionally, does their (excretion) business out in the bush. They're obviously (and its about time) cracking down on the practice now. This last sentence really cracked me up:

"To tackle this resistance, villages like Shankarpur and Shyampur in Bastar and Chatouna in Raipur decided to fine villagers who continued to practice open defecation and it has even been implemented with vigour in Bastar, where the Collector, Mr Ganesh Shankar Mishra, himself made surprise checks and penalised villagers."

I had this mental image of an official looking guy (in a white shirt, khaki shorts and old-time hunting cap) jumping out from behind a bush at some poor unsuspecting guy squatting under a tree (just innocently doing his business) and assailing him with the unicef's cleanliness policies. Picture of the look on the perp's face: priceless.
I made a quick little doodle but my camera battery's not co-operating so I'll try posting it tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The very lonely princess..

Entry for the Illustration Friday topic Cars. Except its only one car..

When I read the topic the first thing that came to mind was trees as highways with cars driving along branches and treetrunks and resting on leaves (like ants foraging except with cars instead of ants...). However, on deliberating the matter further I settled on classic fairy tale style. Very gender specific I hear you say? Well its a fairy tale with a twist, the princess gets tired of waiting for the knights and drives down the tree and off to new adventures. Well she couldn't keep honking and flicking her headlights forever you know, batteries aren't inexhaustible! Besides there's a 10'o'clock curfew at the royal garage. Click on the image and go to 'view all sizes' to read the narrative.
Illustration done on paper with watercolour pencils and then..-watered. Apologies for the wonky'ness of the image, I don't have a scanner so I used a digital camera to upload it!