Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back again! (With a bug-y favicon!!)

Its 11:05 PM here (in New Zealand) and I just thought I'd put up a quick post. I've been trying to change the little icon (a 'favicon'-word of the day!) up there in the URL bar of my page. I've turned it into an abstract (butterfly-like) shape. The code seems to have some bugs in it though, sometimes it shows up, sometimes the blogger favicon shows up, and sometimes the internet explorer default shows up... I wonder if the butterfly is visible to anyone else? (Perhaps it only exists in my head.. :O)

In case anyone wants to know, this is how I did it:

Step 1: I found this really nice tutorial on making abstract shapes in Adobe Illustrator through Smashing Magazine.

Step 2: Played around a bit with the advice in the tutorial and finally settled on one I liked.

Step 3: Then I found this lovely tutorial on how to make a favicon in Photoshop and used it to turn the butterfly shape into a favicon.

Step4: I then uploaded the favicon to my flickr address (tried uploading it to myfavatar as suggested here but that didn't work because of glitches in the site. So I just reconfigured the code so kindly provided one the same page to accomodate a flickr image. And voila! I have a favicon! (Well.. in most browsers anyway... supposedly IE6 can't see png files or favicons in general...) Anyway I'll be pottering around tweaking things and hopefully changing the blog for the better!