Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back again! (With a bug-y favicon!!)

Its 11:05 PM here (in New Zealand) and I just thought I'd put up a quick post. I've been trying to change the little icon (a 'favicon'-word of the day!) up there in the URL bar of my page. I've turned it into an abstract (butterfly-like) shape. The code seems to have some bugs in it though, sometimes it shows up, sometimes the blogger favicon shows up, and sometimes the internet explorer default shows up... I wonder if the butterfly is visible to anyone else? (Perhaps it only exists in my head.. :O)

In case anyone wants to know, this is how I did it:

Step 1: I found this really nice tutorial on making abstract shapes in Adobe Illustrator through Smashing Magazine.

Step 2: Played around a bit with the advice in the tutorial and finally settled on one I liked.

Step 3: Then I found this lovely tutorial on how to make a favicon in Photoshop and used it to turn the butterfly shape into a favicon.

Step4: I then uploaded the favicon to my flickr address (tried uploading it to myfavatar as suggested here but that didn't work because of glitches in the site. So I just reconfigured the code so kindly provided one the same page to accomodate a flickr image. And voila! I have a favicon! (Well.. in most browsers anyway... supposedly IE6 can't see png files or favicons in general...) Anyway I'll be pottering around tweaking things and hopefully changing the blog for the better!


Anonymous said...

hello ,i see the icon im using sea monkey browser. i jsut made a favicon myself for our website through my hostway merchantmanger. it did it for me and i only loaded a pic and it resized it an everyhting. my website is www.godscreationsundeerthesea.com
then click in to the main store. god's creations under the sea were a online saltwater fish store selling of course fish, live rock, sharks, aquariums and supply. i cant see myon favicon in any other browser than this one :( so i dont know if anyone can see mine either it is a purple animated fish. and it is so small.

Ana Laura said...

Hi, I see your favicon if i open your blog with the Mozilla Firefox, but not if i open internet explorer. I tried this because i have the same problem. I created a pretty favicon of a small golden apple for my blog, uploaded it, and included the html code and all. The favicon appears if i use Firefox, but when i open my blog using IE it just shows me the B of Blogger. Its frustrating! but i guess it's a browser problem. See for yourself: www.erisada.blogspot.com