Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Girl and beast in garden ;)

I was just doodling myself out of despair a while ago and I did this on the back of an envelope.

Its me and my spaniel sitting on the porch of my grandma's old house. (It was a lovely old stone house in Pune, beautiful garden with fruit trees and so many flowers... unfortunately its been knocked down and developed into condos now...).
I spent most of my early life playing in that garden. My dog, whoopy, loved it too. It was such a fun place to explore and run around in..
I rember granny calling out through the window, 'Why is it so quiet out there? is everything alright?'
I miss those days; my time was all my own and I had next to no responsibilities. Unfortunately, back then, I could'nt wait to grow up!


steve said...

Great little drawing and writings here. Yes, we all miss those days and I tell my students to enjoy being kids while they still can!

~Gina said...

Oh, to go back to those long ago days...:) I love your drawing! Great lines!