Friday, October 06, 2006


I was browsing the site when I came across something called a Salmo-fan. Its like a chinese style fan but each fold is a different colour representing the flesh of 'healthy' (i.e. wild) salmon. The people who raise farmed salmon, use this object (the salmo-fan) to decide how much chemical dye is to be fed to their salmon to give them that 'wild' pink colour. Wild salmon gain their characteristic pink colour from the krill (tiny little crustaceans) they feed on. Farmed salmon, on the other hand, look a dull unappatizing grey.
Fish farming is an absolutely un-environmental practice, fish raised in overcrowded cages, anchored to the sea bottom near the coast. They are fed anibiotics as a matter of course (you'd be sick too if you were packed into a cage with 20 other humans, and forced to live in your own waste) and are often prey to parasites which can easily infect wild populations.

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Gerald said...

I like your Salmon lay out on this page!