Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A first draft of an impressionist style rendition of my dog Whoopy. Whoopy was a black spaniel we got when I was in college. I was really depressed before she joined my family; once she came into my life, nothing was the same again. No matter how bad things got (and looking back, things never really got unfixably bad, although it was impossible to know at the time) just having her, there, like a little kid happy, loving, innocent, it put things into perspective. The way I've drawn here there was her own unique style of sitting, just sort of leaning sideways, relaxed, hip-hop'ish! :) And even though it would imbalance her when she was sitting like that, she'd still offer her paw ever so politely when you said 'Munn gimme five!'

Some info on her name: the family we bought her from had already named her Whoopy after the (amazingly talented) Whoopie Goldberg! Why?

' They have the same hairstyle! Two curly bunches at the sides...!'

"That's not hair, those are her ears!'

'Ah... -well I meant the hair on her ears!'

It was too late to change but we always called her Munn (which is baby talk for mine, or my little one...)

The above illustration was done on Corel Painter Essentials 2 by the way. Using a Wacom Intuos tablet. Which I bought today. 4X5
AWESOME! I'm loving it!!!

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